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is a symbol originating in the United Kingdom but one that is now prevelant in the United States. It symbolizes the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of civilians from criminal elements.

Each stripe on the emblem represents certain respective figures: The blue center line represents law enforcement, the top black stripe represents the public while the bottom represents the criminals.

The idea behind the graphic is that law enforcement (the blue line) is what stands between the violence and victimization by criminals of the would be victims of crime.

Short Stories

After several attempts to talk to a defendant who I was sure was at home and was ignoring me, I found his very nice truck parked under the covered parking in the apartment complex. The truck was close to his third floor apartment. I saw that he had an alarm light blinking on the dash. Hoping that his truck was equipped with a shock sensor, I rapped on the windshield of the truck. Sure enough, the alarm went off and the Defendant came running down the stairs to see who was trying to steal his truck. I asked him if this was his truck. He answered yes. I told him he was served. Problem solved.

I was attempting to serve an Order of Protection (Restraining Order). The Defendant (the ex-boyfriend) would not answer his door at his home or respond to the business cards left on his door. When I would return the next day the business card was on the ground, sometimes torn up. When he would come to the door at night, he would not answer. He would only look through the peep hole. He would not answer his phone or respond to text messages sent. We are instructed to attempt contact three times, but after a week of trying to make contact I had fulfilled the statutory requirement. The ex-girlfriend however was calling me daily telling me that he was still stalking and harassing her and now was harassing her family members as well. I continued my attempts to contact him for another month without success.
A little background on the Defendant. He worked from home. He did not go to a gym, or church or go shopping. I was informed by the Plaintiff he would only leaved the house when he ran out of food. Unable to stay parked across the street day after day, I had to find some way of getting a face to face with him. During the next month I still attempted my daily contact with him and decided that I should start checking public websites available to anyone to see if his name would appear. I tried all the social media sites and got nothing. So I started with a public courts record website and found he had another girlfriend going back 15 years. They had had a child together and shared custody of this now teenager. I plugged her name into a social media site and was able to get in contact with her. I found out when they made exchanges on the teenager and waited outside behind the neighbors bushes for the garage door to go up so I could serve him with the Order of Protection. Problem solved.

The ex-boyfriend in this case (the Defendant) refused to be served the Order of Protection and bragged that he would never be served. The ex-Girlfriend (the Plaintiff) had already had the local police department attempt to service three times and they had given up. She hired a process server who also attempted three times unsuccessfully and then wanted more money to continue attempts. Finally the Plaintiff reached out to me. I had been keeping a record of my services and at the time I had more than 1000 serves in a row without returning one to the court saying I couldn't serve the papers. So I started knocking and leaving business cards on the front door, the garage door, the light outside the garage door, etc without response. The Defendant left the cards where I had left them for weeks, never moving them an inch. I called and sent text messages to the Defendant as well without response. This went on for about two months.
All this while the Plaintiff and her mother are calling me and asking me why I cannot catch him. For months the Defendant continued to stalk and harass the Plaintiff outside her home and work. This area was out of my precinct so I sent the Order of Protection to the Constables who worked in those areas. I also instructed the Plaintiff to carry one with her at all times so that any law enforcement could serve this if he was detained. I dug in on social media and was watching the Defendant post what he was doing. One day he slipped up and gave away in advance that he would be going to California and gave details as to when and where he would be. Bad move for him. I had the local Sherriff waiting for him. Problem solved.

While serving a Writ of Restitution - Foreclosure (Eviction), I discovered that the Defendant had severe memory issues. She was not aware that her home had been sold at auction 60 days prior to my arrival. She was properly served by the bank and the new owner. After asking her questions that she should know I was able to determine that she was not capable of moving out of the house. I asked about her children and she advised me that they had done really horrible things and they were all in jail in California. She had not talked to them in years. She further told me that she would not live with any of them because they did not like her. After listening to her story I asked if I could check her cell phone and she let me look at the contacts. I remembered that she told me her son's name was John. She had a contact in her phone named John with a California prefix. I called the number and sure enough it was her son.
In her altered state of mind she thought that her children had done awful things in their lives, but her son was an attorney in California. I told him what was happening and asked if he could come and get her. He told me that he had asked her several years previously to come live with him and she had refused to come with him. I assured him that I was finding someone who would take good care of her and I would meet her again in the morning. I told him I didn't think that she would know who he was anymore. After driving all night, he met me in the morning to go see his mother. I walked into the home and told the Defendant that I had found someone who would take care of her and introduced her to her son John. She asked me if I was sure that he would take good care of her. I assured her that he already loved her and that he would take really good care of her. She now lives in California with him. Problem solved.

While attempting to serve a Defendant who would not answer the door, I decided that I would need to trick the Defendant into thinking I was someone else so that he would open the door for me. I put on a hat, wore sunglasses and my carpet cleaning shirt. I drove my carpet cleaning van to his home and walked up to his door with a carpet wand and sprayer in my hands. He opened the door and I asked for another person who I knew didn't live there. He said his name to me so I reached out and handed him the subpoena for him to appear in court. Problem solved.

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