What Does A Constable Do?

While I was gathering signatures to get on the ballot I was usually asked several questions, “We have a Constable? What is a Constable and what are their duties?” Let me give you a brief look into the office and duties of the Hassayampa Constable.

Constables are elected as peace officers who serve a four year term. Constables are elected by the voters of their Justice Precinct. I am currently the constable of the Hassayampa precinct. The Hassayampa precinct has a Justice of the Peace and a Constable. The Justice of the Peace represents the judicial branch of the government and Constables are the executive branch of the government. They are both accountable to the voters and the laws of the State of Arizona.

In the state of Arizona we have 72 Constables. Maricopa County has 26 Constables.

Because Constables are elected as Peace Officers, they are mandated by Arizona state statute to complete training each year. When elected each new Constable recieves 24 hours of new Constable training. Every year from then on they are required to complete at least sixteen hours of training a year. All the training must be approved and certified by Arizona Police Officers Standard and Training Board (AZ POST).

The Constables Ethics, Standards and Training Board have set a high standard to insure professionalism within every Constables duties.

The state of Arizona has had some famous Constables in its history. The most famous Constables were Wyatt and Virgil Earp. They served as Constables in the Prescott area and then went on to become lawmen in Tombstone. One of Arizona’s most respected governors, Wesley Bolin was elected as a constable. This started Wesley’s career in government. After he was elected as a Constable, he served as Justice of the Peace, the Secretary of State, and then on to the Governor’s office. Everyone knows Billy the Kid and he was arrested by Miles L. Wood in 1876, a Gila County Constable, for stealing a horse.

My goal for the next four years is to continue to enhance the office of the Hassayampa Constable by working in a partnership with the community by continuing educational articles, working within the community on service projects and to maintain a close working relationship with the Justice of the Peace; Administiring the law ethically and without prejudice to make our community safer and stronger.

Civilian Response to Acitve Shooter Events (CRASE) Train the Trainer

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